Many animations can't watch now in Japan

Today, 1 week past from the erthquake.

Since the big earthquake, many animarions doesn't broadcast.

It seems like that some animations for adults were broadcasted on Sunday or Monday (2 or 3 days after quake) midnight.
But I didn't know because my area can't watch some midnight animations and I can't awake unlit midnight.
Some people were glad because it means their life are becoming normal they said.
one midnight anime "Kimini Todoke"
this starts at 01:00 every Tuesday

Many animations for kids haven't broadcasted yet though, can we say to return to the normal when the kids animations are able to watch on TV?

I don't think so.


Japan shall reconstruct it all over again

An old man who were rescued 3days later after earthquake said "we'd reconstruct it all over again".

This old man said "I'm OK because I had experienced Chili-Tsunami" when he was rescued.
Chili-Tsunai that is the Tsunami were caused earthquake happened at Chili in 22nd May 1960, came to Japan 24th May, 22hours later quake,  and 124people dead for Tsunami.
Sanriku area that is tohoku area facing the pacific ocean have attacked tsunami many times.

And this old man had experienced world war two,too.
Many Japan's city, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the other cities were burned by bomb at the WWII.
Japanese have reconstructed at the time again and again.

That is why he said "we'd reconstruct it again", I think.
He said in Japanese "mata saiken simashou" at around 1:00 on this movie.



Does Tokyo lose the foods?

It is said that supermarkets or convenience stores at Tokyo disappeared some foods.
It seems like the Japan's government had decided to control food campanies and factries becanse of to send foods to disaster area.

So, supermarkets and convenience srores can't stock some foods, breads or cup ramens or instant foods.
Also I haven't been able to find some breads at stores since Satureday evening even Hokkaido far from Tohoku.
We can't know how long this situation continues until
It's written "cup ramen".

Original site URL

We luck Electric Power

Now we luck electric power, because many power plant have stopped since Earthquake in Tohoku area.
From today, Tokyo electric power company have decided the plan that gives electricity to Tohoku from around Tokyo area.
Tohoku area Japan

This like "Yashima-mission" in "Neon Jenesis Evangelion".
This is an announcement from NELV calling the people to cooperate Yashima-mission..

Tokyo electric power company (TEPCO)


The big earthquake at 11th March in Japan

We had gotten the very big Earthquake at 11th March 2011 in Japan.
I couldn't connect the internet service provider while 2 days.

At the moment, I drove the car for my job, I felt there were shaking about 2:45pm.
I didn't have damage because my living place are far from about 5 hundreds kilometers at the center of earthquake.
But a very lot of people dead, maybe over 10 thousands, I'm very sad.

And I'm very concerned about Nuclear power plant at Fukushima. It have had a very big damage.

It is said that we won't get gasoline and oil after tomorrow.
I wish to return to the normal life earlier.

I know that many people are praying for us around the world.
We have very thank.


K-ON will come back again on April 2011

K-ON cartoon, not the animation, will come back on the two Japanese cartoon magazines on April.
official announcement by manga time

The one magazine is the monthly "Manga time-Kirara" May issue, there will be on the story that four members (Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka, Mio Akiyama and Tsumugi Kotobuki) become the college students. This magazine will be sold on April 9th.

On the other magazine is the monthly "Manga time- Kirara- Carrot" June issue, there will go the story focusing Azusa Nakano at Sakuraga-Oka high school. This magazine is sold on April 28th.

Manga time K-ON web site

This is the manga time kirara 2010 october issue,


How to open the can

Recentry cans are not necesasry to use the can opener because there are with tab to open.
Japanese many can's tab has just this shape.
Tab floats above top of the can to open easily.
The yakitori can.Yakitori is a Japanese popular poultry foods.

When you open the can it is easy to open having some space between tab and top for insert finger.

There was no space when the can with tab had started to sell in Japan.
I had struggled to open the can but now I can open very easy.
Mackerel can

how about your country's cans?
The pasta source can


My favorite food "Tofu"

Very famous Japanese and Chinese food "tofu".
Tofu made from soy beans and it is very healthy.

Tofu are almost having white and square shape.
How does that tast?

Actually tofu's tast is very bland but somehow very good.
In Edo era that was abot 150years ago, there were over 100 recipis in Japan, perhaps China was more recipis than Japan.
I like tofu and cook some dishes, put into miso soup and mabo-dofu and hiya-yakko.
Mabo-dofu is a Chinese food a little hot, it increase appetite.
Hiya-yakko is the most simple dish I think, that is only cut the tofu into easy size to eat and pour soy souce and some herbs put on if you want. In summer, cold yiha-yakko is good for to take nutrition

Japanese clothing shop worker's job

Look at this picture carefully.
This picture is a Japanese clothing shop "UNIQLO".

Do you know that?

Wow, this collapsed T-shirt can be seen and understood that what print it them.
"NARUTO" that is Japanese very popular manga(cartoon) are designed these T-shirt.
The left ones are Naruto and the right ones are Sasuke (He is a Itachi's younger brother).

Not the all shops are doing same things, but many Japanese workers are thinking what I need to do now for customers.
This is the Japanese worker's job.

Or it is too much work?


Tokyo countryside scenery

I can show you same pictures that are western Tokyo.
You just know Tokyo is the one of the biggest city in the world, of course there is the biggest metropolis in Japan.
That population is over 10milion, one hand there are high ways, high speed railways, airports, sub ways, Imperial palace, other hand there are rice fields, mountains, forests, beautiful rivers, even pastures.
Takao mountain
Hatioji hills
Hachioji Isonuma farm
Machida farmer's house
Machida rice field

All pitures were taken at location within 1hour by train from central city.

Original site URL


Japan's scenery, summer country side 1

I collected some Japan's scenary pictures from Janan's sites.

It are almost summer scene, but I don't know where in Japan.
This girl is a high school student.

You know that Japan's summer is very hot and humid like Swedish sauna, exept Hokkaido.
If you come to Japan I recommend you to come spring or autumn.
Also in winter is very cold.
Rice field in Japan, maybe at May.
Rice field in Japan too, maybe at July or August.
A country rail way.
Children play at river.

I introduce you again when I got the other pictures.

This is the original site URL
There are many pictures but including some other countries pictures.


My rice cooker

This is a my rice cooker it can cook 600g rice seeds at once.

The rice seeds get to heavy when it cook, because they suck the water so 600g rice seeds become about 1.3kg rice after cook.

I was given this used rice cooker from my friend and have used this since 1993, Japanese products are really long life and don't break, I think.
If this cooker broke it maybe impossible to fix because probably there are no parts to repair in the produced campany.
If it goes I have to buy new one but I'll feel something sad.

Tatami's life

Tatami is Japanese traditional floor in the room.
Tatami is made of rush grass called "igusa" that is a kind of grass like rice.
Igusa is long grass and for strong corruption and bugs.

But recently Japanese houses have been getting without use tatami because tatami have to change surface regularly and flooring is easier to cleanig.
This picture is my room's tatami.

If you want to feel the taste of tatami easily, you'd buy goza.
Goza is the cheaper than tatami and you can buy at amazon.com.
Goza is a part of tatami's surface like a mat or carpet.
It is very light weight so you can bring and spread out everywhere in the hose and even outdoor if you want.
It can collapse or roll to small, so it is very convenient to bring.
In summer, spread goza over flooring and you lay yourself on it, you can feel cool and have a good nap.

Google image search "Tatami"

Google image search "goza"


About the Dragon Ball

Actually the Dragon Ball is a little old manga, it had started at 1980's.
When I was high school and college student I had read that on "Shounen Jump (Boys Jump)" it is for boy's cartoon magazine.

At first, the Dragon Ball was a fantasy story, didn't fight to aliens.
The world of the Dragon Ball, there ware many people who likes animals, dogs, pigs, monkeys, and so on.
Son Goku who is a hero in the story grew up and became  strong, no enemies in the earth gradually so Akira Toriyama, the author, was appeared the aliens coming from other planets to encroach the earth.

Akira Toriyama had drawn "Dr. Slump Arare-chan" that is a fantasy sci- fi manga brfore the Dragon Ball, and the Dragon Ball was like a sequel of the Arare-chan at first.

The Dragon Ball official site


The way to expressing emotions in Japanese sites

Sometimes we can find some distinctive marks or signs to express emotions in Japanese sites.

for example
sign    meaning
(笑)    laughing
(怒)    angering
(汗)    impatient
www   laughing

It are used almost personal blogs not official sites.
The company's or organization's site don't use that letters

笑,怒,汗, are all kanji character, 笑 means laughing, 怒 means angering, 汗 means sweat originally but turning to meaning to impatient.

Why does "w" mean laughing, laugh say "warau" or "warai" in Japanese so they have used the first letter "w" to express laughing.
In occagion big laghing are to be written as

Are you hearing their laghing voice seeing "www"?

Introducing Otaku's room vol.2

I found two Japnese sites that can see Otaku's room pictures again.
It are titled
"Hey you guys, you place figure in front of your PC don't you?
What are you doing around your desk? 1 and 2"

Some Otakus like figures very much so they wish to look them anytime.
Otakus are sitting always front of PC, they put their lovely figures around them.




About ad papers

Many ad papers are delivered my apaartment almost very day.
Most that are supermarket around here to announce for bargain.
Sometimes there are put into my post the other ad papers like car sale, real estate, delivery pizza store, izakaya.

Do you know "Izakaya"?
It is Japanese style pub. Some are having private rooms so when we want to drink comfortable, that is a nice space.
About Izakaya, I wish to write other article, sometime.

I talk back ad papers, all ad papers go to recycle finaly, almost areas of Japan have recycle systems everywhere.
I want to write this recycle system too.

Most famous girls anime "Suite Precure"

This is Japanese girl's animation "Suite Precure".

This animation have started from 6th Februaly 2010, broadcasting every Sunday morning.
And this animation is very popular with little girls, so it continues 8years.
But I have never watched this program.

I can list this animation series
2.Precure Max Heart
3.Precure Splash Star
4.yes Precure 5
5.yes Precure 5 Go Go
6.Fresh Precure
7.Heat Catch Precure
8.Suite Precure
(I had watched only Precure and Precure Max Heart)

There are two Japanese Precure's official sites
This site is ABC(Asahi Broadcast Center)'s Precure.

And this is Toei that is an animation production company site.

2 same K-ON books

I have 2 K-ON comics same volume.

The left one is Japanese edition, it is written by all Japanese of course.

And the right one is English edition translated into English.
It was issued in US.

I bought both at big book store at Tokyo and the prices are Japnese is 860yen and English is $10.99 it seems almost same price.


Study of Kaomoji 2

Why does japan have been able to evolve the Kaomoji (emoticon/smiley) ?

I think Japan have a lot of way to express the emotion don't use words.
That's the why the many Manga or cartoons have been developing expression only pictures don't use the words.
Most Japanese grown up to be seeing the manga, they can acquire the ability to express the expression with pictures.
What do you think?

(;^_^A   ( ̄Д ̄;;   ∑(; ̄□ ̄A  ( ^ ^;
`s(・'・;)   ?c(゚.゚*)  ?(゚~゚)ヾ   ( ̄ヘ ̄;)   (?(。_。).。o0O??
o(^-^)o  ((o(^-^)o))  ♪((O(〃⌒▼⌒〃)O))♪  ((o(б_б;)o))
(^^)bGood!   (o^-')b   d(⌒ー⌒)   good(≧∇≦)ъ
-t( ^o^)。o 0    (´ー`)y-~~   (;´Д`)y─┛~~
claping hands
(*゚▽゚ノノ゙☆   ( ̄∇ ̄ノノ"
φ(.. )  φ(・_・”)  φ(・ω・ )

people(Please don't anger)

(⊂_  ミ

ミ ´_>`)



( ´∀`)

( `ハ´)


Kaomoji site

related link

Study of Kaomoji 1

Japanese use many characters in the emails, blogs or sites everyday on PC or cellphone, for example Hirakana,  Katakana, Kanji, Alphabet and Number.
And one more we usualy use face letters (emoticon/smiley)  called Kaomoji, kao means a face, moji is letters.
Like : -)   (^ ^)

Probably Japanese think that we can't communicate their emotions only letters certainly, so we add Kaomoji to words to moderate expression.
Kaomoji might say one kind of Japanese concern.

I can show you same Kaomoji, but maybe some of them can't display certainly except Japanese, Korean and Chinese computer.

(=⌒▽⌒=)  (^_^)  (⌒-⌒)  \(^▽^)/  ヽ(´▽`)/   ヾ(@~▽~@)ノ
w|;゚ロ゚|w  w(゚o゚)w  w(゚o゚*)w  Σ(・口・)
(  ̄っ ̄)   (`ε´)   ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸    \(*`∧´)/
(T_T)  (T△T)  (;へ:)  。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。   (;へ:)
(^-^*)/  ( ´_ゝ`)ノ  (*~▼~)ノ
<(_ _*)>  アリガト♪(*゚ 3゚)/~チュッ♪   ( v^-゚)Thanks♪
m(-_-)m   (*_ _)   ヾ(^-^;)

Kaomoji site

related link

How to make a my room comfortable?

What do you think what happened to the Japanese Otaku's room?

I found a Japanese internet site that introducing Otaku's room is titled "How to make a my room  comfortable?".

This site is putting many pictures, and compare their real room with their ideal room to do Otaku activities comfortable.

Of cource this site is written by all Japanese.
Sorry I can't translate all sentences, but I think you can enjoy only watching pictures.

I ate instant Ramen yesterday

Yesterday, I ate instant ramen at lunch.
It was salt taste ramen I cooked myself.

This is the package.
It is written "shio" big black letters that means salt in Japanese.

I can tell you how to make ramen, it's very easy I have cooked ramen since about 10 years old every Satureday.

First: Put water in a pot then boil the noodle about 3 minutes.

Second: When noodles are tender, you turn off the heater, and put into pot soup powder.

Finish: Move to the bowl and eat.
Add egg or hams or some vegetables, it makes taste good.

If you get a ramen you'd try to cook and eat.

Do you like to read books?

In Japan it is said that several hundred books are published every day and tens of thousands books in a year.
Maybe Japanese are nation that read many books I think, not only books but also comics and magines though.

This picture is a my book shelf and stocking books other rooms too, so I don't know how many books I have.
My father read many books too, perhaps is it heredity or almost Japanese so?
And Japanese books are probably reasonable, we can buy a hardcover for about 2000-3000 yen, paperbacks are selling about 300-1000yen besides many used books are 100yen.
I usualy read about 10 books in a month, but it cost less 10,000yen.

I like to read books very much.



This is my TV.

But I almost always don't watch TV programs.
I watch TV only Sunday morning for "Dragon Ball"which is broadcasting Sunday morning at 9:00 in Japan, and sometimes I watch some DVDs something like movies or animations.
I rent some DVDs from rental DVD store near my apartment about once a week, it cost 100yen a week.

I don't watch TV news, though I watch that always on PC or podcast, because it can watch when I wanna, I always watch CNN, ABC and NBC news on my iPhone.
But the announcer speaks very quickly for me so I can't understand only some parts.

My kitchen picture

I can show you my apartment kitchen.

Not saying a nice.

I'm cooking here almost everyday, but sometimes I go out for dinner or buy packed sushi to eat.
I like to cook, it stimulate my mind of artist, aside from taste.

Everyday I try to make new taste, sometimes it fail but it is bringing to me a good experiences for next challenge.

I publish you my desk.

I publish you picture of my desk.

Sorry there is a little bit dirty.
I have two computers, the right one is my main machine and left one is sub but I'm writing this blog articles left computer.

And on the desk are some books that someones are reading now someones are for articles.
I use this desk for to study, to read, to eat, to work, to have a nap, my desk is very useful for me but I think this is a little bit small to do many things at the same time.

I was given this desk to my senior at my college about 20 years ago.

I like this wooden desk.



This picture is "ume-boshi".

Ume is a plum seed, umeboshi is dry plum in English and it have strong acidity taste.

Ume-boshi is a kind of pickles, it is made to confit salt after drying harvested plums.
It can preserve long term over 100 years.
Almost Japanese know thats acid taste so when we imagine umeboshi we secrete saliva naturally like a Pavlov's dog.

In the picture you can see some black parts, that are basil leaves to enhance flavor and color.

Japanese healthy food "natto"

Do you know what is this?

This pictures are my natto.
It dosen't rotted.

Natto is made of soy beans to be fermented and very healthy food.
I like natto very mucu, I wish to eat natto evryday, every breakfast, evry lunch, every dinner, so much I love natto.

It have peculiar smell, but that is not bad smell.
If you come to Japan, I want you to eat natto.
It must bring you a great experience.

pinch with chopsticks

Natto can live long time, there lives many natto bacteria more than other putrefactive bacterias, so natto bacteria wins other ones to fight.
There is the natto bacteria around the earth naturally, actually we can make natto very easily.

Society of natto

Japanese instant food "cup-men"

This pictere is one of the Japanese instant foods called "cup-men".
Men means noodle.

This is a soba whicn is the Japanese traditional food made of buckwheat.

Cooking cup-men is very easy, only put boiling water into the cup and wait three minutes or a little more.

There are so many typs of "cup-men" in Japan for example soba, ramen, udon, miso-soup, buta-jiru(Japanese pork soup), harusame, etc and almost is delicious and easy cooking.

Maybe the first "cup-men" in Japan is CUP NOODLE by Nissin foods in 1971, I like curry noodle.