Many animations can't watch now in Japan

Today, 1 week past from the erthquake.

Since the big earthquake, many animarions doesn't broadcast.

It seems like that some animations for adults were broadcasted on Sunday or Monday (2 or 3 days after quake) midnight.
But I didn't know because my area can't watch some midnight animations and I can't awake unlit midnight.
Some people were glad because it means their life are becoming normal they said.
one midnight anime "Kimini Todoke"
this starts at 01:00 every Tuesday

Many animations for kids haven't broadcasted yet though, can we say to return to the normal when the kids animations are able to watch on TV?

I don't think so.


Japan shall reconstruct it all over again

An old man who were rescued 3days later after earthquake said "we'd reconstruct it all over again".

This old man said "I'm OK because I had experienced Chili-Tsunami" when he was rescued.
Chili-Tsunai that is the Tsunami were caused earthquake happened at Chili in 22nd May 1960, came to Japan 24th May, 22hours later quake,  and 124people dead for Tsunami.
Sanriku area that is tohoku area facing the pacific ocean have attacked tsunami many times.

And this old man had experienced world war two,too.
Many Japan's city, Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the other cities were burned by bomb at the WWII.
Japanese have reconstructed at the time again and again.

That is why he said "we'd reconstruct it again", I think.
He said in Japanese "mata saiken simashou" at around 1:00 on this movie.



Does Tokyo lose the foods?

It is said that supermarkets or convenience stores at Tokyo disappeared some foods.
It seems like the Japan's government had decided to control food campanies and factries becanse of to send foods to disaster area.

So, supermarkets and convenience srores can't stock some foods, breads or cup ramens or instant foods.
Also I haven't been able to find some breads at stores since Satureday evening even Hokkaido far from Tohoku.
We can't know how long this situation continues until
It's written "cup ramen".

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We luck Electric Power

Now we luck electric power, because many power plant have stopped since Earthquake in Tohoku area.
From today, Tokyo electric power company have decided the plan that gives electricity to Tohoku from around Tokyo area.
Tohoku area Japan

This like "Yashima-mission" in "Neon Jenesis Evangelion".
This is an announcement from NELV calling the people to cooperate Yashima-mission..

Tokyo electric power company (TEPCO)


The big earthquake at 11th March in Japan

We had gotten the very big Earthquake at 11th March 2011 in Japan.
I couldn't connect the internet service provider while 2 days.

At the moment, I drove the car for my job, I felt there were shaking about 2:45pm.
I didn't have damage because my living place are far from about 5 hundreds kilometers at the center of earthquake.
But a very lot of people dead, maybe over 10 thousands, I'm very sad.

And I'm very concerned about Nuclear power plant at Fukushima. It have had a very big damage.

It is said that we won't get gasoline and oil after tomorrow.
I wish to return to the normal life earlier.

I know that many people are praying for us around the world.
We have very thank.