My favorite food "Tofu"

Very famous Japanese and Chinese food "tofu".
Tofu made from soy beans and it is very healthy.

Tofu are almost having white and square shape.
How does that tast?

Actually tofu's tast is very bland but somehow very good.
In Edo era that was abot 150years ago, there were over 100 recipis in Japan, perhaps China was more recipis than Japan.
I like tofu and cook some dishes, put into miso soup and mabo-dofu and hiya-yakko.
Mabo-dofu is a Chinese food a little hot, it increase appetite.
Hiya-yakko is the most simple dish I think, that is only cut the tofu into easy size to eat and pour soy souce and some herbs put on if you want. In summer, cold yiha-yakko is good for to take nutrition

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