Most famous girls anime "Suite Precure"

This is Japanese girl's animation "Suite Precure".

This animation have started from 6th Februaly 2010, broadcasting every Sunday morning.
And this animation is very popular with little girls, so it continues 8years.
But I have never watched this program.

I can list this animation series
2.Precure Max Heart
3.Precure Splash Star
4.yes Precure 5
5.yes Precure 5 Go Go
6.Fresh Precure
7.Heat Catch Precure
8.Suite Precure
(I had watched only Precure and Precure Max Heart)

There are two Japanese Precure's official sites
This site is ABC(Asahi Broadcast Center)'s Precure.

And this is Toei that is an animation production company site.

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