Tatami's life

Tatami is Japanese traditional floor in the room.
Tatami is made of rush grass called "igusa" that is a kind of grass like rice.
Igusa is long grass and for strong corruption and bugs.

But recently Japanese houses have been getting without use tatami because tatami have to change surface regularly and flooring is easier to cleanig.
This picture is my room's tatami.

If you want to feel the taste of tatami easily, you'd buy goza.
Goza is the cheaper than tatami and you can buy at amazon.com.
Goza is a part of tatami's surface like a mat or carpet.
It is very light weight so you can bring and spread out everywhere in the hose and even outdoor if you want.
It can collapse or roll to small, so it is very convenient to bring.
In summer, spread goza over flooring and you lay yourself on it, you can feel cool and have a good nap.

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